Welcome to GrandLAN Gaming Center

GrandLAN has the best all around gaming experience in the Grand Rapids area. We carry board games, card games, role-playing books, and we deliver lag-free, real-time, ultra-fast gaming via PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One systems. GrandLAN is also host to a wide variety of events and tournaments. Come play, come shop, and game-on!

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Free RPG Day June 20


Free RPG Day is June 20th. Due to a conflicting event we will not have space to host any RPG day events. We still hope to see you come out for some Free Promo materials!

Time for a Change!


As a business Grandlan has to adjust for current economical upkeep costs, so it must change it’s prices for some it’s products.  Starting June 1st of this year Grandlan will be increasing the cost for PC and Xbox access to $3 dollars per hour of use across the board.  One can mitigate this cost through one of our fabulous VIP memberships that Grandlan has to offer.  We do appreciate your business and support over these last 9 years.  Thank you for your understanding!

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Sale



Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Sale!

Board Games

Board Games 30% OFF and this won’t stack with other discounts. Certain marked board games 50%-75% OFF

Magic the Gathering, My Little Pony, & Pokemon Cards.

Booster Boxes $15 off with a limit of 1 per customer per set.
Booster Packs $1 off
Khans Holiday Gift Boxes $14.99
Singles 10% off
*Common and Uncommon cards are not included with this sale.

RPG & Other Books 30% OFF all Books

Dungeons Dragons 5th Ed Bundle
$100+tax Combo
Dungeon Masters +
Monster Manual +
Players Handbook +
Some books are now 75% OFF

Cardfight Vanguard

Entire Lot for $150 (Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Booster Packs/Boxes)


$2 per pack

Happy Holidays!!


Khans Game Day October 18th

khans game day










Game Day is a competitive Standard tournament(x2) with full-art promo card prizes for the top 8 and a unique Champion playmat. The action takes place just one week after Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir and players will be eager to try the new cards and strategies featured during Pro Tour coverage. Come play and Game-On!

Event 1: Arrive at 12pm to sign up for the event. ($5 entry fee to cover prize support)

Event 2: Arrive at 6pm to sign up for the event. ($5 entry fee to cover prize support)

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