8Bit gamers… IT’S TIME TO BATTLE!

You are here by invited to participate in a old skool battle royal. Your skills will be tested by many challenges, but only one will reign victorious, and take home the ultimate prize…

The Golden NES Controller. (and some other neat stuff!)

List of Events (depending on time, some may be cut)

Dr. Mario
Super Contra
Rad Racer
Paper Boy
Super Mario Bros. 3
Ninja Gaiden II
Duck Hunt
Donkey Kong
World Class Track Meet

(not listed in time order)

What you need to know;

– Battle Arena – Grand LAN on Saturday, August 15th

– Time – Come practice up around noon! The main event TV’s will be off limits at 1:00pm, and we’re going to allow 15 minutes for last minute sign ups. THEN IT’S ON!

– $Entrance Fee$ – Yet to be determined, but there will be an “All Access Pass”, or you may purchase a “Single Pass” per event for a small fee.

– Choose your gamer tag! – Every great warrior must have a name! At the beginning of the day, you’ll be given a number to determine player order, and then choose your name, (keep it appropriate) and if your good enough, it will go down forever in inked glory on the Golden NES Controller. Future generations will gasp in awe!

– Choose your weapon! – There will be classic controllers provided, but you may bring your own UNMODIFIED controller. (NES Advantage, Max Turbo, etc.) NES Quest Game Masters (GM’s) reserve the right to deny any use of outside controllers if they see fit. Please note – turbo, slow motion, or any other game altering devices are prohibited, but some controllers come with the ability to turn them on or off. As long as they are off, your good to go!

-PRIZES!- Aside from the ultimate prize “The Golden NES Controller”, and the medals for each individual event, there will be other various prizes. But those will remain a mystery until the NES Quest begins.

– Conditions for Victory – The top 3 players will recieve Gold, Silver, or Bronze placings in each event.
-Gold will be worth 3 points and the player will be
awarded a physical medal.
-Silver 2 points, and also a physical medal.
-Bronze 1 point, and a thumbs up.
-At the end of the day (the end of NES Quest), the points are totaled to determine the winner. You must be present at the time of the announcement to claim your prize, or it will be forfeit to the next highest point holder.
-Individual medals (gold and silver) are awarded after each event.
-Winning conditions are dependent on the game, and will be announced the day of the event

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