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GrandLAN has the best all around gaming experience in the Grand Rapids area. We carry board games, card games, role-playing books, and we deliver lag-free, real-time, ultra-fast gaming via PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One systems. GrandLAN is also host to a wide variety of events and tournaments. Come play, come shop, and game-on!

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Journey Into Nyx Preorders!!



GrandLAN is now taking pre-orders:

  • Journey Into Nyx Booster Box $90 + tax
  • Contents – Contains 36 Journey Into Nyx Packs.
  • Journey Into Nyx Fat Pack $28.99 + tax
  • Contents – 9 Journey Into Nyx booster packs, 2 deck-sized card boxes, 1 pack of 70 Journey Into Nyx basic land, 1 Journey Into Nyx Life Counter. (Contents subject to change.)

Note:  If you buy both you will get your Fat Pack discounted to $24.99.

Expected Release: April 28th, 2014. Date may be subject to change.

“Big Trouble in Little China” Movie Night

Big_Trouble_in_Little_China_Film_PosterWhen: May 7, 2014 @ 6:30pm
Where: Celebration North
Cost: $9.00

Join GrandLAN for a journey into an urban orient adventure where, “An All-American trucker gets dragged into a centuries-old mystical battle in Chinatown.” A classic must see movie!

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament March 30th!


Grand Rapids Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament!

Hosted by GrandLAN Gaming Center!

Date: March 30th

Registration time: 12PM-12:55PM

No charge for registration!

Tournament starts: 1PM-5PM

Cost: $5 Venue fee

Prize Support for 1st & 2nd place:  (Provided by Ricky Lee)

1st $100 value in Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

2nd $50 value in Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Dust off the Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and come have some gaming fun!

League of Legends Tournament March 29th









Price is $15 per person, which gets you a day pass for one of our 13 comps plus prize support, so numbers are limited! However, if you bring your own setup or laptop the price is $10.00! Please note that you must have your OWN cables and plugs if you are bringing your own setup. Pizza will be provided for this event.

Here’s the point system for those who weren’t in attendance during prior tournaments. This will be a Round Robin event as well, so don’t fret if you lose a match!



1. Kill = + 1 pt
2. Deaths = -1 pt
3. Assists = 2 pts for every 3 assists, rounded up to nearest 3 assists
4. Gold = 1pt for every 1k gold, rounded to nearest K
5. Towers = 1 point for each team member per tower destroyed
6. Dragon = 2 points per team member for each dragon slain, +1 for every 20 minutes game time elapsed
7. Baron = 5 pts for each team member for each Baron slain, +2 for every 25 minutes game time elapsed
8. Players playing the support role will receive a —- +1 —- handicap. (supports had the least potential to earn their own points,but with the new gold items they can earn more than in prior seasons, but they they still need a little push in the right direction)
9. Players playing a Ranged ADC will start with a -2 pt handicap UNLESS their team loses, which lowers the handicap to -1. (ranged adc’s have the clear advantage when is comes to gold collecting and kill potential, but a losing ADC is already behind in points, this will lighten the burden of losing if the ADC did their job appropriately.)
10. Any player who receives a PENTAKILL (true pentas only) will receive 10 POINTS!

The points for winning the match and MVP points were just too arbitrary and only served to snowball teams who were already winning

That’s it! I hope to see many of you again for another amazing League tourney!

NOTE:  Must have a level 30 summoner!


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