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GrandLAN has the best all around gaming experience in the Grand Rapids area. We carry board games, card games, role-playing books, and we deliver lag-free, real-time, ultra-fast gaming via PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One systems. GrandLAN is also host to a wide variety of events and tournaments. Come play, come shop, and game-on!

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Khans Game Day October 18th

khans game day










Game Day is a competitive Standard tournament(x2) with full-art promo card prizes for the top 8 and a unique Champion playmat. The action takes place just one week after Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir and players will be eager to try the new cards and strategies featured during Pro Tour coverage. Come play and Game-On!

Event 1: Arrive at 12pm to sign up for the event. ($5 entry fee to cover prize support)

Event 2: Arrive at 6pm to sign up for the event. ($5 entry fee to cover prize support)

Golem Arcana Play Day!


Golem Arcana is a digitally enhanced miniatures boardgame that leverages the power of a smartphone or tablet to deliver an unprecedented and engaging experience. GA offers the richness and tactical depth of other miniatures boardgames without any of the hassles; the free Golem Arcana app handles all the rules and record keeping, freeing up the players to concentrate on devising strategies and having fun.

Date: September 14th
Time: 2pm – 6pm

Marvel Dice Masters


Marvel Dice Masters has hit the scene at GrandLAn. Marvel Dice Masters brings Collectible Dice Building to the tabletop with an all-new head-to-head competitive game. Dice Masters is an all-new cross-brand offering designed by Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang, which utilizes WizKids Games’ proprietary Dice Building Game platform where players collect and assemble their “team” of character dice and battle it out on the tabletop. Check out GrandLAN’s calendar for monthly organized play events for Marvel Dice Masters.

M15 Core Set Preorders








GrandLAN is now taking pre-orders:

  • M15 CORE Set $90 + tax
  • Contents – Contains 36 M15 Core Set Packs.
  • M15 CORE Set Fat Pack $28.99 + tax
  • Contents – 9 M15 Core Set booster packs, 2 deck-sized card boxes, 1 pack of 70 M15 Core Set basic land, 1 M15 Core Set Life Counter. (Contents subject to change.)

Note:  If you buy both you will get them at a discounted rate of $114.99 + tax.

Expected Release: July 18th, 2014. Date may be subject to change.

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